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I began playing piano at the age of seven.  Five years later I was accepted as a prepretory student for talented children at the Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen where later I also did my bachelor studies with Tamara Poddubnaya and Nata Tsvereli.  After earning my bachelor degree I continued my musical education at the HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten) in Utrecht with Klára Würtz as my main teacher.  In 2014, I succesfully obtained my masters in a performance of the second pianoconcerto by Johannes Brahms playing with the USC (Utrechts Studenten Concert).   

After completing my education in The Netherlands I became aquainted with the well-known teacher and pianist Johannes Kropfitsch, who is connected to the music university in Vienna ( Musik und Kunst, Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien), and in 2015 I was accepted for the COP (Certificate of Performance Program) --  a very specialized education that focusses on developing and refining the experience as a performing artist.  On the 9th of October 2017,  I graduated with my COP certificate following a performance of the Sonata in A major D959 by F. Schubert.   

Over these years I followed masterclasses with Rian de Waal, Paolo Giacometti, David Kuijken, Bart van Oort, John Glazer, Sheila Page, Vladimir Tropp (Moskou) en Alessio Bax and succesfully participated in several International competitions:   In 2006 during the International Franz Schubert competition (in Ruse Bulgaria), I obtained a special award for the best interpretation of a composition by Franz Schubert. In 2017, I competed in the same competition winning a second prize in the oldest age catagory and performing the 23rd piano concerto by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Three times I was a finalist in the Princes Chirstina Competition (north) in 2005, 2006 and 2008.  Several other competitions also worth mentioning:

San Nicola di Bari 2012 (Italy)  finalist
Musikalisches Feuerwerk Baden Württemberg 2014 (Germany) Grand Prix
Stars Of Tenerife 2015 (Spain) Grand Prix
Bursa Competition 2016 (Turkey) 1stprize   

At the International Rosario Marciano Competition 2017 (Vienna) I again won a special award for the best interpretation of a composition by F. Schubert. During my career I have also developed my skills in the performance of chambermusic.  Twice I participated in the Orlando Festival in Kerkrade that specializes in working with musicians who perform in groups and ensembles,  and once I participated in the Mimir Chamber Festival in Fort Worth Texas.  During my education in Vienna I formed a piano trio with Lucia Harvanova (violin) and Lilyana Kehayova (cello).
Christian Sanders 24 september 1988, Groningen.